Conduct at Kennel Club licensed events and on social media

The Kennel Club Board and the Disciplinary Committee have endorsed the introduction of further regulatory support to help ensure all those taking part in or attending licensed events behave in a responsible and a respectful manner.

It is the responsibility of all participants to uphold the core values of courtesy and respect surrounding canine activities. Alongside this, those same values ought to be in play on social media in the context of comments and opinions being expressed about participants at Kennel Club licensed events. This new measure introduces a system for issuing yellow and red cards in response to unacceptable behaviour at Kennel Club licensed events and on social media (in the context of licensed events).

The issue of a yellow card in response to unacceptable conduct will indicate that should there be a further incident and / or repetition of a complaint on a similar issue, then the yellow card will escalate to a red card status.

A red card status will result in an automatic fixed period of 60/90 days for refusal of entry and attending Kennel Club licensed events – and such period will be aligned with any relevant competition or event season.

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The next meeting of the Kennel Club Obedience Liaison Council is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 17 January 2023. Proposals for inclusion on the agenda should reach the Obedience Liaison Council Secretary by 26 October 2022.

Each eligible society or an individual may submit items for the agenda, through a council representative. Proposals must be concise and, if an amendment or an additional regulation is proposed, the regulation number must be given. All submissions must be signed by the society/individual and the representative.

Please note, all items for inclusion on the agenda should be sent by email to

A full list of Obedience Liaison Council representatives can be found at