Extracts from the Kennel Club Obedience Council’s Agenda for the next meeting due to take place on Thursday 6th February 2020 for your comments

Please find attached an updated paper questionnaire that can be printed off and completed, or completed electronically as a word document and return it to your regional rep or to me at cpatrick1984@outlook.com

There is a link on the questionnaire (and below) for anyone who would like to complete a Google questionnaire on line (June Le Fevre will collate the Google responses and feed them back to the area reps)
You can download the complete agenda by using this link:  https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/media/1160700/olc-060220-agenda.pdf.

PLEASE NOTE: If you live in the South East and East Anglia area you should not use this paper questionnaire, but just use the Google questionnaire by following this link:  https://forms.gle/rn9sXEyrnw5GrGtP8

Also, Bev Smith has designed a questionnaire that will be available on the Midlands Facebook page

Please take some time to feedback your comments on the recommendations, proposals and discussion items so that your reps can represent your views at the Obedience Council meeting on 06.02.20

Many Thanks Carole

KC Announces Obedience Changes from 1st January 2020

The Kennel Club has recently approved the following changes to the regulations for obedience which will come into effect on 1 January 2020.

The below regulation has been amended in order to assist clubs in areas of the country where entries are low, by allowing stewards to compete. It is hoped this would ease the burden on some clubs in trying to find both judges and stewards from a small pool of people.

Amendment to Regulation G30.h.


Judges should whenever possible, provide their own Caller Stewards, but the Show Management shall provide any Caller Stewards if necessary. Caller and Scribe Stewards used by judges at the show must not work a dog on the same day., with the exception that at a show with 6 scheduled classes or less, caller and scribe stewards may compete in one class, other than the class in which they are officiating, provided that the class has 20 entries or less. Caller and scribe stewards taking up this option will be exempt from any running order and may compete at a convenient time agreed by the judges concerned.

(Deletion struck through. Insertion in bold).

(Effective 1 January 2020)

The below regulation has been amended to introduce a more gradual qualification for judges leading to their judging the higher classes, in order to ensure they had sufficient experience to do so.

Amendment to Regulation G32.e.


A Judge’s first three appointments for shows must be restricted to Novice.

The next three appointments must be up to and including Class A.

Before accepting an Open Class C appointment, a Judge must have completed at least a further nine appointments. These must include a minimum of three Class A and three Class B appointments. It is the individual’s responsibility to retain proof of their judging appointments.

(Insertions in bold)

(Effective 1 January 2020)

The below regulation has been amended to give handler an opportunity to gain more experience in the lower classes before progressing.

Amendment to Regulation G(A)6.a.


  1. To compete in Pre-Beginners a handler or dog must not have won two a First places in either Pre-Beginners or Beginners nor gained a third place or above in any other Obedience class (Introductory Class excepted).

(Insertions in bold. Deletions struck through.)

(Effective 1 January 2020)

The below regulation has been amended as it is felt that it would be helpful for competitors to see details of timed stays beforehand, especially for those competing with multiple dogs as it would allow them to plan their day in advance.

Amendment to Regulation G30.g.


Where timed stays will take place it must be announced in the schedule that they take priority over other tests. The times of such tests to be published at the show and in the catalogue, if available, and may also be published with running orders. Published stay times must not be changed, except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the show management. In the case of Championship Class C stays must not be judged before 12 noon. In all other cases, timed stays must not commence before one hour after the published time for the commencement of judging.

(Insertions in bold)

(Effective 1 January 2020)

The below regulations have been amended to allow for the use of diagonal turns in fast pace in Class B and Class C. This will add further scope for judges when setting rounds.

Amendment to Regulation G(C)4.e.(3)


Class B. In this class at normal and slow pace the only permissible turns are turns of 90° to the left or right, 180° about turns to the right or the left and diagonal turns to the right and left. Medium or large circles and arcs can be included. At fast-pace the only permissible turns are turns of 90° to the left or right, diagonal turns to the right and 180° about turns to the right. Medium or large circles and arcs can be included.

(Insertion in bold)

(Effective 1 January 2020)

Amendment to Regulation G(C)4.e.(4)(i)


Class C (i) Permitted turns

At normal and slow pace the permissible turns are 90° to the left or right, 180° about turns to the left or right, diagonal turns to the left or right, and circles or arcs. At fast pace, the only permissible turns are 90° to the left or right, diagonal turns to the right and 180° about turns to the right, and circles or arcs.

(Insertion in bold)

(Effective 1 January 2020)


The next meeting of the Kennel Club Obedience Liaison Council will be held at the Kennel Club in London on Thursday 6 February 2020. Proposals for inclusion on the agenda should reach the Obedience Liaison Council Secretary by November 8.

Each eligible society or an individual may submit items for the agenda, through a council representative. Proposals must be concise and, if an amendment or an additional regulation is proposed, the regulation number must be given. All submissions must be signed by the society/individual and the representative.

All items for inclusion on the agenda should be sent to Working Dog Activities Team, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB or by email to obedience@thekennelclub.org.uk.

A full list of Obedience Liaison Council representatives can be found at bit.ly/2Tx8YVk.

South and South West Inter Regional Obedience Team, Crufts 2020

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work your dog on the famous green carpet at Crufts ?? Well here’s your chance why not come along and try out for the team. Do you live in Herefordshire, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or Gloucestershire then our Counties need you !!

This year we will be holding two try out:

The first one on the 3rd of November in Cheltenham  at the Shurdington Social Centre, Bishops Road, Shurdington. 

The  2nd on the 10th of November in Weston-super-Mare at Hewish and Puxton Village Hall, Maysgreen Lane,  Hewish.  

The format will feature 1 Beginner dog, 2 Novice dogs, 2 ‘A’, 1 ‘B’ and 1 ‘C’ plus a Beginner reserve. Two Border Collies or Working Sheepdogs only may feature in the team with a maximum of three Crossbreeds, one of which may not be of Collie type and no more than three of any other single breed.

The eligibility date is up 31st of October 2019, so if interested then please download the form and fill it in, and send it to the address on the form the tryout days are also printed on the obedience schedule page with the postcodes any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on my email – hago72@outlook.com

Emma Galbraith

WALES Inter-Regional Obedience Competition CRUFTS, 6 March 2020

Application forms for team membership are now available to download from this site, all the information can be found on them.

Please support as no-one is pre-selected.

The forms will also be available directly from me or from Alison O’Connor (West Wales) Tel. 01834 891510 or Pat Werner (North Wales) tel. 01824 780455

Jen Jessop (Team Manager)





The Inter-Regional Competition next year will be held on Friday 6th March 2020.

The format will feature 1 Beginner dog, 2 Novice dogs, 2 ‘A’, 1 ‘B’ and 1 ‘C’ plus a Beginner reserve.  Two Border Collies or Working Sheepdogs only may feature in the team with a maximum of three Crossbreeds, one of which may not be of Collie type and no more than three of any other single breed.

It is of utmost importance that the selectors have a wide and strong choice of other breeds.

The Northern Team will be selected by myself, Alison Gresty and Karen Davies.

Dogs must not be Obedience Champions and handlers and dogs competing at the 2019 Crufts Championships are not eligible.  Those eligible to apply for the Northern Team are to reside in Co. Durham, Cleveland, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Humberside, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria and Merseyside.

The closing date for eligibility is 31st October 2019 and all entries must be received by myself by 3rd December 2019.

Although you are giving details of your dog’s awards during the year for us to consider there will be “selection days”

Sunday 17th November 2019 at Jarys Dog Training club, Marsh House Sports and Community Centre, Billingham, TS23 2HB.

Saturday 23rd November 2019 at Newton Heath Dog Training Club, 66 Wickentree Lane, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9AY.

Sunday 1st December 2019 at Netherton Village Hall, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LR.

There will be at least two training days held before Crufts.

Selected team members will be expected to attend both get together days.

When making your application please ensure that you are aware of the rules and regulations for the Team competition.

If you or your Club feel that you are able to sponsor the team in any way, any offer will be gratefully received!

Please send for an application form as soon as possible together with a stamped addressed envelope or e-mail your request to the address below to the Northern Area Team Manager :-

Emma Lavender – Mount Pleasant Kennels, Wakefield Road, Hampole, Doncaster, DN6 7EX. (07793933194) emmalavender30@yahoo.co.uk

Application Form for download below:

Scotland Crufts 2020

Inter-Regional Obedience Team Competition

To be held on Friday 6th March 2020

“Under Kennel Club ‘G’ Regulations”

If you would like to be considered for SCOTTISH TEAM

Please complete an application form and either …

  • return it to me, Ellen Herries or Anne Marie Parker
  • email it to me at cpatrick1984@outlook.com
  • or post it to my home address:
    10 Glencaple Ave, Dumfries DG1 4SJ


If you live in any of the following areas:

Derbyshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Notts., Rutland, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Staffs, Worcs

and would like to be considered for a place in the team then please send application form (downloadable below or from our Facebook page) to:

Lou Jackson, Team Manager, Comox, Harrisons Lane, Gailey, Staffs. ST19 5PS

Selection day to be held on Sunday 24th November at Tomlinsons Canine Center, Markfield, Leicestershire. LE67 9RJ.

If you are selected the team will be required to attend four training sessions before the event.

If you would like any more info please contact me on 07831397080 or I ‘ll be at Lichfield Show and all the Sandwell shows.Assistant team managers: Lyn Tozer and Steve Fraser, will also be at these shows and may help you with any enquiries.

Crufts 2020 Northern Ireland Inter Regional Team Applications

I have been invited by Michael McCartney (with the approval of the Crufts Dog Show Committee) to manage the Northern Ireland Inter Regional Obedience Team for Crufts 2020.  

As you are probably aware Michael McCartney who has been appointed as NI Obedience Inter Regional Manager is in fact judging the event in 2020, therefore he is unable to fulfil his role for that year. 

I have accepted the invitation and will be responsible for managing the NI Inter Regional Obedience Team along with two very able assistants in Anne Hamill & Mandy Jennings.

The 2020 Inter Regional team will consist of:

1 Beginner Dog

2 Novice Dogs

2 Class A Dogs

1 Class B Dog

1 Class C Dog

1 Beginner Reserve Dog

The following breed restrictions apply to the Inter Regional Team.  The team may consist of:-

  • a maximum of two BC/WSDs,
  • 3 Crossbreeds (one of which must not be a Collie/Working Sheepdog type)
  • and up to three any other single breed.

The tests for this event will be as per G regs for each class.


If you would like to be considered for this event, please complete this form and return it to me either by:  Email:  smealeoldchapel@manx.net

or post to my home address:

Mrs. Tracy McKinlay

Smeale Old Chapel

Kirk Andreas

Isle of Man.      IM7 3EB

Forms should be received by: Saturday 16th November, 2019

NB No telephone applications will be accepted.

Team selection days will take place on:

NORTHERN IRELAND:  Saturday, 30th November at K9 Academy, 10 Moneybroom Road, Lisburn, BT28 2QP

ISLE OF MAN:  Saturday, 7th December starting at 10 am at the Glebe, St. Marks.

I hope that everyone will be notified of our decision one way or the other by mid-December.

If you would like to apply but cannot make the above date in your area, please do not be put off applying, but contact me so we can try to arrange something.

Two Team Training Sessions will be arranged in each “country” and ask that you attend at least one of these sessions, again dates to be confirmed.

Kind Regards

Tracy McKinlay

South East & East Anglia Team Inter-Regional Obedience Competition Friday 6th March 2020 at CRUFTS


If the answer is YES, here is an opportunity for you to compete at Crufts.

We are looking for handlers and dogs of all breeds to come along to the try-outs in: Beginners, Novice, Test A, B & C.

There will be 2 try-out venues in our area.

The Inter Regional’s reverted to the standard G Regs for all tests from 2017.

For more info or to log your interest contact:
(Go to our dedicated FB page for all documents)

South East & East Anglia Inter Regional Supporters Group
– Wendy Birch – Team Manager Tel: 01442 396498 Mobile:
07811911741 Email: wendyanddella@gmail.com
– Sarah Delany – Asst. Team Manager Tel: 07919174766
Email: sarahrosedelany@virginmedia.com
– Enid Diplock – Asst. Team Manager Tel: 07789097134
Email: ediplock@yahoo.co.uk