In order to allow events in the Activity disciplines to run again during the Covid-19 pandemic, it had previously been agreed that certain regulations would be suspended.

At its recent meeting, the Activities Committee reviewed the list of suspended regulations for each discipline and considered whether they should be reinstated.

It was felt that with most government restrictions eased, a lot of the provisions that the suspended regulations allowed were no longer necessary and as such it was agreed that all regulations would be reinstated with effect from 1 January 2022, with the exception of the following:

Regulations G7 & H5  – all licences to be applied for 6 weeks prior to the show (not 6 months). The Committee was of the view that the revised timeframe of 6 weeks was beneficial to show organisers and as such approved a permanent change to the regulations as follows:

Regulation G7


7. Application

The application for a licence to hold an Obedience Show must be made to the Secretary of the Kennel Club at least six months weeks before the proposed date of the show together with the appropriate licence fee.

(Deletion struck through. Insertion in bold.)

(Effective 1 January 2022)

Regulation H5


The application for a licence to hold and agility show must be made to the Secretary of the Kennel Club, Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB on the official form which must be properly completed and sent, together with the appropriate licence fee, at least 6 calendar months weeks before the proposed date of the competition (42 days before the proposed date in the case of limited agility shows).

(Deletion struck through. Insertion in bold)

(Effective 1 January 2022)


An announcement relating to the removal of stays from the list of exercises in obedience was previously issued.

Heelwork to Music

The following regulation has been amended to allow for the fact that judges may not have had the opportunity to attend a relevant seminar and undertake the exam.

Regulation L14.b.(iv) 


All Judges must have attended a Regulations and Judging Procedure seminar every four years since passing the Regulations and Judging Procedure examination. From 1 January 2022 2023 all Judges must have attended a Regulations and Judging Procedure seminareither classroom based or online, and must have passed the examination, every five years since passing the Regulations and Judging Procedure examination.   

(Deletion struck through. Insertion in bold)

(Effective 1 January 2022)

Attention All Crufts Championships Qualifiers

Dog Championships Saturday 12th March 2022 – 18 competitors

Bitch Championships Sunday 13th March 2022 – 18 competitors

Judge: Pat Watson

Firstly, congratulations to everyone who has qualified for the 2022 championships.

Once again the entry forms and schedules will be sent by email.

Could all qualifiers please let me have their email address as soon as possible so that the office can start work on next year’s show. If you can do this either by Facebook Messenger or email to that would be great.

If you were at Crufts 2020 I have your email address so you do not need to tell me unless you have changed your email address. Please don’t reply to this post as it may slip off the bottom and I’ll miss it, thanks.

If you know of anyone who is not on Facebook or can you please pass on the message.I look forward to hearing from you all and to a great show in 2022.

Richard Kebble

Obedience regulation amendments announced: Stays are to be removed as of 1 January 2022

Following discussions by the Obedience Liaison Council and consultation with the obedience community, The Kennel Club Board has approved a number of regulation amendments under the terms of which all stays will be removed from the list of exercises for obedience with effect from 1 January 2022. Stays are currently suspended until 31 December 2021 as part of the Covid-19 regulation amendments.

Consideration of this matter has been ongoing for some time. Recommendations by the Obedience Liaison Council and the Activities Committee were not made lightly and were submitted to the Board only after careful consideration, as the removal of stays represents the most significant change to Obedience regulations in a long time.

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Crufts 2022 – South East & East Anglia Inter Regionals Team Applications


If the answer is YES, here is an opportunity for you to compete at Crufts.

We are looking for handlers and dogs of all breeds to come along to the try-outs in:

Beginners, Novice, Test A, B & C.

There will be 2 tryout days –

@ Berkshire & Essex (see Attachment for details).

The Inter Regional’s reverted to the standard G Regs for all tests from 2017.



The next meeting of The Kennel Club Obedience Liaison Council will be held on Thursday 20 January 2022. Proposals for inclusion on the agenda should reach the Obedience Liaison Council Secretary by October 22 2021.

Each eligible society may submit, through their representative, items for the agenda. Individuals may also submit items for the agenda direct to The Kennel Club but must be accompanied by an agreement from a representative to present the item at the meeting. Proposals must be concise and, if an amendment or an additional regulation is proposed, the regulation number must be given.

All items for inclusion on the agenda should be sent by email to Please note that postal submissions may not be received in time due to the offices being closed.

A full list of Obedience Liaison Council representatives can be found at…/already-competing…/

Applications for South and Southwest Crufts Obedience team 2022

Hi Everyone,  

It’s great to be back !!.

Whilst we appreciate a lot of people are slowly returning to our fantastic sport why not give yourselves something to aim for !!!

Do you live in these fantastic counties Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Wiltshire, Avon, Devon, Cornwall,Somerset, Dorset, then why not come along and tryout for the Crufts Inter Regional Obedience team.

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Hi to all Welsh candidates!

Just to let u all know after such a long break my co managers and I are now on the case starting to bring together our exciting journey to Crufts 2022!!!!

We have booked our Try out days for all South & West Wales candidates at the Dowlais Leisure Centre on Sunday, 14th November 2021 from 10am to 4pm and we have a provisional date for all North & East Wales candidates in Oswestry(details to follow) for 7th November 2021(times to be confirmed).


Razor makes obedience history – First Kelpie to win Obedience Champion title

He wins two Obedience Certificates in two days 

Cories Ray of Sunshine, known at home as Razor and listed on The Kennel Club’s activity register as an Australian Kelpie, recently made history when he won his Obedience Champion title. He is owned by Nina Whitnell of Colchester, Essex. 

Razor’s achievements are unique, as no other Kelpie in the UK has ever qualified for the championship obedience class nor won an Obedience Certificate, let alone claimed an Obedience Champion crown. 

Although the Kelpie breed is not currently recognised by The Kennel Club, it has been exhibited in its native Australia since 1908 and received recognition by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in Belgium in 1989. In Australia, Kelpies regularly perform well in various canine activities including obedience and herding tests.

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Crufts 2022 – Northern Team Inter Regional Application



The Inter-Regional Competition next year will be held on Friday 11th March 2022.

The format will feature 1 Beginner dog, 2 Novice dogs, 2 ‘A’, 1 ‘B’ and 1 ‘C’ plus a Beginner reserve.  Two Border Collies or Working Sheepdogs only may feature in the team with a maximum of three Crossbreeds, one of which may not be of Collie type and no more than three of any other single breed.

It is of utmost importance that the selectors have a wide and strong choice of other breeds.

The Northern Team will be selected by myself, Alison Gresty and Julie Rowlands.

Dogs must not be Obedience Champions and handlers and dogs competing at the 2022 Crufts Championships are not eligible.  Those eligible to apply for the Northern Team are to reside in Co. Durham, Cleveland, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Humberside, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria and Merseyside.

The closing date for eligibility is 31st October 2021 and all entries must be received by myself by 18th December 2021.

Emma Lavender

The try out dates will be:

Sunday 14th November at Newton Heath

Saturday 18th December at Eggborough Village Hall

I would normally like to do them closer together but I have left it quite late to book venues and try to avoid clashing with things, which proved near impossible so these are the only dates we can do this year. Hope you can attend.

If you would like more info please ask. I will post more updates with times etc as we get closer 😊😊