The Kennel Club has approved the following changes to the regulations for rally.

The following regulation has been added to provide clarity for event organisers around the permission needed to hold special events.

New Regulation S7

Societies are required to apply for permission to hold Special Events. Applications should be submitted to The Kennel Club by email at least six weeks before the start of any qualifying heats for the event.

Special Events are designated as any activity-related event which cannot be included on the schedule of a normally licensed show/trial/competition due to being invitational and therefore not open to all competitors, or which are not being held at a licensed show. Where competitors qualify for a final via heats held at that and other shows/trials/competitions, special event permission must be sought for the final whether it is held in conjunction with a licensed show/trial/competition or as a separate standalone event. This would not apply where all of the heats are held at the same show/trial/competition at which the final is held.

The regulations relating to the disqualification and forfeit of awards will apply to these events.

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(Effective 1 January 2023)

The following regulation has been amended to provide clarity for competitors.

Amendment to Regulation S(C)51


51. MOVING SEND AROUND. Whilst heeling the handler sends the dog clockwise around behind them as though in a right finish, the handler may pause to allow the dog to regain the heel position, as the dog returns to heel ththe dog must be allowed to regain the heel position before the handler and dog heel forward. The dog does not sit. This should be a flowing movement.

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(Effective 1 January 2023)

The following regulation has been amended to address the perceived inequity for competitors who started their rally career before 1 January 2019 who were excluded, through no fault of their own, from achieving a Rally Warrant with their existing dog.

Amendment to Regulation K3f. Rally Warrants


A Rally Warrant will be issued on application by the registered owner at the time of qualification in respect of a dog that has obtained the following:
(1)a Rally Title at all levels

(2)  a Rally Level 6 Excellent title

(3)  an additional 3 excellent scores at Level 6, which must be gained 

      after 1 January 2021.

The title “RW” may be used after the name of the dog on competition entries and in catalogues.  The RW title will replace the RL6-Ex after the dog’s name.

(Deletion struck through)

(Effective 1 January 2023)