Crufts 2020 Obedience Inter Regional Team Manager Sought



The Kennel Club is calling for anyone interested in becoming an Obedience Inter-Regional Team Manager to get in touch who is resident in South West (Herefordshire, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Gloucestershire).

The Inter-regional Obedience event is a competition between teams from Scotland, Northern Ireland, North, Midlands, Wales, South East and East Anglia, South and South West.

We are now inviting applications from interested parties who would like to be considered for the position of a Crufts Obedience Inter-Regional Team Manager, for the period from 2020 up to and including Crufts 2022. Please note that the present managers have indicated that they would like to continue for a further term, with the exception of the South & South West team.

Any candidates interested in applying must meet the following criteria:

Each team manager appointment is for a 3-year period and must fulfil the following criteria.

  1. Reside in the area they manage
  2. Demonstrate a real interest in the competition
  • Actively promote the competition
  1. Appoint 2 assistant managers for the appointment period (who will be entitled to free entry and car parking for the day of the event). The choice of assistant managers should be used to ensure that all areas of the region are covered by the team selection process.
  2. Ensure any equipment required for team selection and training is available to team members.
  3. Liaise with the event coordinator as required.

Skills / attributes

  1. Good communication and organisational skills.
  2. Ability to work with team members and assistants to build team spirit and ensure everyone understands their role and responsibilities for the day.
  • Access to and an ability to use a computer, in particular completing word documents received by email and then returned to the coordinator by email.

Team selection process

Team managers will host at least one team selection event to which dogs and handlers are invited to attend through an application process that is clearly advertised throughout their area.

The application form will contain the following information;

  1. Dog and handler details
  2. List of awards achieved during the year
  3. The class level applied for.

Once a team is selected the manager shall host at least one team training session to build team spirit, to ensure all members are suitably acquainted with the tests and requirements for the day.

Expectations for competition day

  1. Arrive at Obedience competition area early enough to meet all team members as they arrive and to ensure they are briefed in preparation for the day.
  2. Lead the team in the parade at the start and finish of the day.
  • Ensure each team member is in the collecting ring ready to compete as required.
  1. Offer the reserve handler and dog the opportunity to work in the ring during the lunch break.

Richard Kebble (Crufts Chief Obedience Steward) and Sue Garner (Event Coordinator) are happy to speak to potential applicants. Initial contact can be made via email to or

Those interested should send their applications to the Cathy Guiver, Crufts Office, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB or via email by 1 February 2019.