Exhibitors are reminded that online entries for Crufts 2022 close on Monday 24 January, for dogs which have qualified for the show. Those exhibitors who prefer to send their entry by post must have done so by Monday 10 January (postmark).

The Working and Pastoral groups will be shown on Thursday 10 March; Terriers and Hounds on Friday 11; Utility and Toys on Saturday 12; and Gundogs on Sunday 13.

Best in Show will be judged on Sunday evening by Stuart Plane, breeder of the well-known Stuane Scottish Terriers.

Three breeds will be creating history at the 2022 show. Hungarian Pumis will have their own classes for the first time, Smooth Faced Pyrenean Sheepdogs will make their debut in the Imported Breed Register classes, and Harriers will be making their first appearance in the Crufts breed ring since 1898.

The Obedience Championships for dogs are on Saturday, with bitches on Sunday. In Agility, the Small and Medium Championships are on the Thursday, with the Intermediate and Large Championships on the Sunday.

The popular Kennel Club Breeders Competition and Vulnerable British and Irish Native Breeds finals will make a welcome return to the main arena on the Friday.

Birmingham Airport has advised that it is not a legal point of entry into the UK for those travelling with dogs. Therefore, exhibitors from overseas must ensure they come into the UK via an approved route. For more guidance visit

The attention of exhibitors is drawn to the importance of understanding that overseas awards which count towards an overseas champion title (CAC, CACIB, Green Star etc) are the equivalent of a CC in the UK. Likewise, Reserve CACs etc are the equivalent of a Reserve CC. These awards should be taken into account when looking at eligibility and entering the show.

Exhibitors who have qualified their dog for the show by the attainment of a Stud Book Number which is yet to be confirmed by The Kennel Club, due to ongoing delays, are advised that simply stating the name and date of the show as well the class in which the dog qualified (e.g. Junior Bitch) will be deemed acceptable this year when entering dogs. 

As with the 2018 and 2020 shows, special permission has been given to Crufts for the award of Reserve Best in Show to be given out immediately prior to the award of Best in Show.  

Vanessa McAlpine, Crufts Show Manager, said: “Crufts is an absolute must on the canine calendar and, after having to cancel the 2021 show, we will all be in the mood to meet up with fellow dog lovers once again. This year will, as always, be a true celebration of dogs with more than 200 pedigree breeds on show. We are, of course, looking forward to welcoming our loyal exhibitors to Crufts, as always.”

The Crufts schedule is available at (no paper schedules have been printed this year) where entries can be made online. For postal entries please follow the instructions on the Crufts website. If you require further assistance please email