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Further to the statement that Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary will be leaving The Kennel Club in December, it has been announced that, to ensure that The Kennel Club continues to manage business as smoothly as possible, Mark Beazley, Chief Executive will assume the title of Secretary of The Kennel Club, on an interim basis when Kathryn retires.

Tony Allcock OBE said: “As has been previously communicated, as part of The Kennel Club’s wider strategy work, we are including a Governance and Organisational Development review and partnering with a specialist consultancy called Mayvin. Their remit is to help us understand how we currently work and make decisions, and will work with The Kennel Club to shape how we need and want to work in the future to deliver our new strategy. They will do this by independently and objectively looking at everything we do from how we make decisions to how information flows throughout the organisation, and will involve everyone including the Board, committees, members, working groups and staff.

“It was not felt appropriate to appoint someone new to the role of Secretary whilst this review takes place. Once the findings are known, we expect to be able to review this decision from a position of knowledge and strength.”

The Kennel Club will continue to provide updates on outcomes of the strategy review as they develop.