Kennel Club Obedience Liaison Council – Feedback for the Reliability & Control exercise – on the agenda for 22nd July 2021

Your questionnaire must be completed by 9pm on 21st July 2021. It is completely anonymous but we do ask that you complete the section indicating which Obedience Liaison area you are located within to make sure that your feedback reaches your allocated representative. I have prepared this survey on Google Forms as Chairman of the Obedience Liaison Council. I would be grateful if you could complete this survey only once to give me an overall view of the Obedience community’s views on the proposal for a Reliability and Control Exercise on the Obedience Council agenda. The full agenda can be viewed on the Kennel Club website Р then navigate to the agenda for 22nd July 2021.

June Le Fevre (12th July) – Re : the national survey on the new Control & Reliability exercise proposal – I have been alerted that some folk wish to now change their vote. To assist with this I have enabled that setting, so if you have already voted and would like to change your vote just simply visit the poll again.If you have not already voted and would like the opportunity to do so, which would be very valued, then please go to :

Further details and questionnaire click here